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Aya Sofya, Topkapi Palace and Other Attractions in Turkey

Turkey, often known around the world as a developing country that has embraced development fully is also unexpectedly one of the most popular destinations nowadays for vacations, tours and other types of trips, as the country becoming more accessible to people around the world has led to the hidden gems it contains becoming more and more famous.

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Turkey is absolutely packed to the brim with both natural and man-made wonders to see, a collection of sights that always managed to amaze first time visitors, and return tourists are often left shocked a second time at confronting the sheer beauty of some of these wonders. You can find a variety of different kinds of Ephesus tours from Istanbul online from reliable tourism companies.

Something that has made the country even more famous as a tourist destination is the opening of more than a few new tourism companies, all of whom have worked day and night to make the country more well known around the world. Today, this has resulted in Turkey easily being one of the most popular vacation spots out there, as this cultural gem contains some of the best parts of the regional history, along with being beautiful enough to let people feel the true beauty of a country that is working hard to rise out of the rabble and become a well known destination!

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Aya Sofya: Experience Old Byzantine Glory at Its Finest!

Turkey contains a whole host of different sights for people to see, and so far, one of the most famous buildings is Aya Sofya, a remnant of Byzantine glory that has blazed a trail of fame for itself throughout the ages. Often called one of the absolutely must see sights in the country, Aya Sofya is definitely the most beautiful building in the city of Istanbul.

Looking absolutely magnificent and regal from the outside, the building matches its reputation on the inside: Aya Sofya is often called one of the most lavish buildings in the city. The Aya Sofya Museum, the full name of the building, should definitely be one of the top entries on your list of things to see in Istanbul!

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Topkapi Palace: What a Sultan Felt Like

Topkapi Palace has stood tall as one of the most comfortable palaces in the country for a long time, and is one of the best relics from the ancient world under Sultan rule. The very seat of the dynasty which would go on to carve their name in history through seizing control of vast amounts of land. Besides the grandeur of the palace itself, there are also absolutely beautiful gardens surrounding it that are now open to the public.

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