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Top Things to See in Cappadocia

Cappadocia Balloon

Cappadocia is a magical world. You will hear this from most of the visitors who travel to Cappadocia. As soon as you enter the region, you will feel like you have entered a complete new world. Cappadocia has a unique landscape, which makes the region very popular. Here are few things you can do in this region with Cappadocia tour package

Fairy chimneys

This is something naturally unique about the place. There are natural rock formations that look like chimneys. These tall, cone shaped chimneys are called fairy chimneys. The rocks exist in large area of monk valley giving it a unique look. You will feel like as if you have entered another world.  


Hot air balloons

The most popular activity to do in the Cappadocia region is to fly in hot air balloons. You can select rides with good hot air balloon companies and take a ride above the monk valley. The valley look more beautiful from hot air balloon as the cone shaped rocks look all together. You may check whether hot air balloons rides are inclusive with you Cappadocia tours booking or not. This ride will take you to the visit of a fairy world and it will give you memorable time. You will find these rides extraordinary at time of sunrise or sunset.

Cappadocia Balloon

Cave hotels

Cappadocia is also famous for its caves. These ancient caves have unique structure, and they can give you mysterious feelings. There are many caves but most of them are converted to hotels now and fortunately, the cost of stay is not so high that one cannot afford. Check out your stay in the Cappadocia tour package and ensure that you enjoy cave stay. The open-air museum is a large cave that was originally a monastery. This is very beautiful and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Underground cities

For many people, underground city is a mystery. If you are visiting Cappadocia, you will get to see the underground cities. There are not just one or two but 36 underground cities beneath the wonderland of Cappadocia. You can explore these underground cities and have an adventurous day.

Sunrise and sunset

Many people who are new to Turkey will not know that Sun rises in Cappadocia very early. In summers, you will see a sunrise at 4:30 a.m. However, this can be an interesting thing. Sunrises in the valley are as beautiful as sunsets. Most people are very keen about sunsets from valley but if you visit Cappadocia, consider watching sunrise. In fact, it will be a mesmerizing experience to take a balloon ride in the morning. With Cappadocia tours booking, check your timing and ensure that you can enjoy the sunrise and sunset of the region.


 When to visit

Cappadocia is best visited when the temperature is not very hot or very cold if you are looking for a good balloon ride. Remember that balloon rides are possible only if the weather permits. However, if you are not much interested in balloon ride, snowfall in Cappadocia is worth watching. The wonderland will look even more beautiful covered in snow.


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